We are halfway through November, which means lower temperatures and snow are likely here to stay until spring. Due to the colder temps, energy bills are going to start increasing as people turn up their home heaters. Unfortunately, many in our community are unable to afford these increased prices. However, there is help available for struggling Wisconsin families.

The Wisconsin Division of Energy, Housing, and Community Resources provides assistance to Wisconsin residential households with energy needs. They have programs to help with electric and heating costs, energy efficiency improvements, furnace repair or replacements, water heater replacements, and water service costs. You can contact them at 1.866.432.8947 or online athttps://energyandhousing.wi.gov/Pages/Energy.aspx to see if you qualify. 

Eligibility for most programs is based on household size, income level and household heating costs. However, they also provide counseling for energy conservation and energy budgets, so every household can benefit from giving them a call, regardless of income level. 

For those who want to lend a helping hand to our neighbors in need, the MG&E Energy Fund helps local families pay for their heating costs through tax-deductible donations from MG&E customers. One hundred percent of the money collected goes directly to people in need, helping about 300 families each year. You can have a monthly donation added to your energy bill or make a one-time donation by sending your check payable to the “MGE Energy Fund” to Madison Gas and Electric, PO Box 1231, Madison, WI 53701.  For more information on the program go to https://www.mge.com/about-mge/community/energy-fund/.

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