[Milwaukee, WI] – At 7pm today Monday August 15th, Milwaukee Reproductive Justice Action – Milwaukee (RJA-M) will be picketing in front of County Supervisor Shawn Rolland’s house at 1715 N 68th St Wauwatosa, WI. On July 28th, 2022 the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voted against putting a referendum on the ballot to overturn State Statute 940.04 which currently makes most abortions illegal in the State of Wisconsin. Shawn Rolland, the 6th district supervisor, is one of the supervisors who voted against the referendum despite his pro-choice stance. Shawn Rolland’s decision to vote NO, not only on something he claims to support so heavily, but on something that also affects pregnant people all over the state of Wisconsin is massively disappointing. To deprive us of our right to vote for our basic human rights due to the assumption and lack of effort to make us heard is ludicrous and this decision will not be forgotten.


Reproductive Justice Action – Milwaukee is petitioning the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors to make Milwaukee a safe haven for abortion access effective immediately. As representatives of the citizens of Milwaukee County, we demand that Shawn Rolland and other county supervisors draft a resolution to communicate that the residents of Milwaukee County do want safe abortion access legalized. We also demand that law enforcement within Milwaukee County shall refuse to apprehend any provider for performing abortion care, and that the District Attorney’s office will dismiss all charges against any provider who performs abortion services. This is an urgent matter putting lives at risk. People will die due to a lack of abortion services in Wisconsin. When people’s lives are at stake, we cannot allow our elected officials to put off action.


RJA-M is a brand new grassroots organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are fighting for Reproductive Justice for all humans, and standing in opposition of the system(s) that deny human rights to any person. Formed under the umbrella of Milwaukee Alliance against Racist and Political Repression (MAARPR), RJA-M is committed to insisting that the county of Milwaukee gives its firm support to all those seeking equitable reproductive care.

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