MADISON – In a press conference from the Wisconsin State Assembly floor, legislative Democrats and community partners commended the reintroduction of Representative Kristina Shelton and Francesca Hong’s Economic Justice Bill of Rights, Assembly Joint Resolution 149, as a framework for progressive action in this next year. Among the resolution’s authors in speaking were U.S. Representative Mark Pocan, State Senator Melissa Agard, Christina Thor of 9to5 Wisconsin, Angela Lang of Black Leaders Organizing Communities (BLOC) and Rabbi Bonnie Margulis of Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice. On the bill’s reintroduction, the legislators offered the following statements:

Rep Kristina Shelton (D – Green Bay):

“I’m thrilled to reintroduce this resolution with champions for economic justice: champions that, like myself, believe that Wisconsin can, and will, once again be the laboratory of democracy for the nation.  The truth is, economic laws are not made by nature – they are made by humans. Therefore, it is within our power to create new economic opportunities, bound by certain rights, economic and human rights, so that all people can realize true individual freedom.”

Rep Francesca Hong (D – Madison):

“The reality is that our political status quo has yet to catch up with what the people of Wisconsin want. Wisconsinites want an inclusive future where working-class communities that have long been siloed are provided the tools they need to not only survive but prosper. The Economic Justice Bill of Rights represents a reconfiguration of our democratic ideals to the 21st century, an actualization of our proud progressive tradition. It is time to make a better Wisconsin for everyone.”

Sen Melissa Agard (D – Madison):

“Economic justice is a cornerstone to a better future here in Wisconsin. Economic justice is deeply intertwined with a multitude of issues facing our state today, from working for fair wages and affordable healthcare to investing in our public schools and natural resources. This reintroduction is a continued commitment to the promise of a better future. I am proud to join my Democratic colleagues on such an essential resolution for Wisconsin.”

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