Madison, WI – Legislation to ban strip searches from occurring in Wisconsin schools was recently introduced to the public by state legislators. State Representatives David Steffen and Elijah Behnke, and State Senator Eric Wimberger held a press conference at the Oconto County Sheriff’s Office to introduce a bill that would effectively prohibit school officials from strip searching students.

This issue received statewide attention when a Suring School District employee allegedly ordered six teenage girls to disrobe in search of a nicotine vape cartridge. According to media reports, the girls’ parents nor law enforcement were notified of the strip search prior to it occurring, and the girls were required to stand in their underwear in front of the school district employee.

“The details of these allegations are disturbing and warrant a law change to ensure this never happens again in Wisconsin,” said Rep. Steffen. “Parents have clearly communicated to us that strip searches by teachers or school staff are not acceptable. We agree, and will make sure our laws reflect this commonsense expectation.”

“Orders to disrobe on mere suspicion are not even permitted for the worst criminal suspects,” said Sen. Wimberger. “It’s important that we give students basic dignities, and be the example to instruct them how to respect others when they ultimately leave the school environment.”

“This is a common sense bill that will help protect every student’s dignity while in school,” said Rep. Behnke. “I look forward to getting it passed through the legislature and hopefully signed into law.”

This bill is a preliminary draft and will not be introduced until the next legislative session begins in January.

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