The Republican Governors Association is hitting Gov. Tony Evers over rising crime in its first ad of the 2022 election cycle.

The ad — through the group’s Right Direction Wisconsin PAC — is a five-figure digital buy on social media such as Facebook and general websites. It will run in the Milwaukee market.

The 30-second ad knocks Evers for not mentioning crime during his State of the State address. The screen looks like a 1990s-era VCR as the tape fast forwards through Evers’ speech. Stats flash on the screen such as violent crime up 26 percent in Milwaukee in 2021 from 2020, the Wisconsin homicide rate being up 76 percent under Evers and Milwaukee County being on pace for 300 homicides in 2022.

The screen then notes that Evers spoke for more than 46 minutes and never mentioned “Wisconsin’s spike in crime.”

“If he won’t admit we have a problem, how can we expect him to solve it?” the screen reads to close the spot.

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