The Republican Party of Dane County applauds the Supreme Court’s decision
today in overturning Roe v. Wade.

Supreme Court precedent has never been absolute! A century ago, previous
decisions supported the horrible institution of slavery and it took a Civil War to
finally rid our nation of that travesty. Decades ago, the Supreme Court similarly
erred in what some claim created a new “right” to abortion.

Despite the rhetoric from the pro-abortion left, this is first and foremost a ruling
that solely returns rights to the individual States. It does not prohibit abortion,
but rather leaves it to the states and our elected representatives to decide if
abortion is legal and what restrictions on it might exist. Thus, the immediate
impact is that individual states now have the right to weigh in on the issue of
abortion and the United States, including Wisconsin, is immediately more pro-life

As this moves back to the states, we invite the ongoing debate over abortion here
in Wisconsin. Medical and scientific advances have made it clearer than ever
before in human history that abortion takes the life of an unborn child. We are
ready and proud to defend the position of life in that debate.

Unfortunately, Democrats went to war to preserve slavery during the Civil War
and appear ready to resort to violence and intimidation again today over this
decision. The Republican Party of Dane County stands in solidarity with pro-life
and pro-family organizations that have been and continue to be under threats of
violence. We call on all levels of law enforcement and our elected to officials to
aggressively investigate and bring to justice those responsible for the recent and,
potentially, future attacks against those promoting life.

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