Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, a Wisconsin Court of Appeals rejected an effort by the Wisconsin Election Commission (“WEC”) and liberal dark money groups to overturn a RITE-victory blocking re-voting in Badger State elections. This victory comes less than a day after the RITE-supported plaintiffs secured a key procedural victory from the Wisconsin Supreme Court that ensured the case could be resolved before the end of the 2022 general election.

This is a victory for commonsense and election integrity. In Wisconsin, once a ballot is cast, it is cast. It cannot be fished out of the ballot box to give a voter a second bite at the apple. The re-voting rules that WEC tried to put in place had no basis in law, treated voters unequally, and invited voter confusion and other misconduct.

Yesterday’s win is the third in Wisconsin within the past two months secured by RITE-supported plaintiffs. In addition to re-voting, RITE has helped ensure that state election officials cannot alter information on absentee ballot certifications and that a substantially complete address of a witness must be included along with a submitted absentee ballot.

Derek Lyons, RITE’s President and CEO, issued the following statement:

Yesterday’s ruling is another major victory for Wisconsin voters and for commonsense. Unfortunately, WEC has been adopting election administration guidance that is unlawful, destroys voter confidence, and taints the integrity of Wisconsin’s elections. Wisconsonites deserve honest, transparent, and misconduct-free elections. RITE applauds the Wisconsin courts for helping to make that a reality in that state.

Co-founded in 2022 by National Finance Chairman Steve Wynn, Senior Advisor Karl Rove, and Chairman of the Board Bobby R. Burchfield, RITE is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the rule of law in elections. Working with some of the finest lawyers in the country, RITE supports faithful enforcement of valid, properly enacted and adopted laws and regulations that promote secure, efficient, and accurate elections throughout the United States.

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