The Republican Governors Association launched a new TV ad today featuring a crime victim’s sister charging Wisconsin is less safe because of Evers.

The RGA is running the spot through its Right Direction Wisconsin affiliate. A spokesperson said the ad is currently on Milwaukee broadcast and cable TV with just more than $1 million behind it.

The spot features a woman identified as Jeanine P., a Wisconsin resident. She says her sister’s head was found in a wood-burning stove and her body in a cornfield after she was murdered by her husband.

Jeanine says the judge “called it the most heinous crime he’d ever seen” and the killer was sent to prison for life, but Evers’ Parole Commission set him free “and they didn’t even tell us.” She adds it makes no sense that hundreds of other violent criminals have been released early under Evers.

“Governor Evers, everyone in Wisconsin is less safe because of you,” she says to conclude the spot.

The RGA started a similar spot featuring a crime victim’s sibling earlier this month.

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