A group associated with the Republican Governors Association is knocking Gov. Tony Evers in a new ad for vetoing legislation that backers said would establish a bill of rights for the parents of kids in schools.

The RGA said Get Families Back to Work is spending high five figures on the buy, which started this week. It includes broadcast and cable TV in the Milwaukee media market, as well as a wider reach on digital.

Evers on Friday vetoed AB 963, which includes provisions such as giving parents the right to determine the names and pronouns used for the children while at school and to visit their children during school hours, consistent with district policy, unless otherwise specified in law or court order.

The narrator in the ads says Evers was given the chance to “increase transparency and trust in classrooms” but vetoed the bill “and doesn’t want you to know about it.” The narrator says Evers “stood against a parent’s right to have a say in their children’s education” and be told of crimes on school grounds.

“Evers claimed these ideas are radical. Most people would call them common sense,” the narrator says.

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