Milwaukee, WI – Michael Sampson, entrepreneur and candidate for Mayor, issued the following statement regarding the Feb 8th Milwaukee Area Service & Hospitality Workers Organization forum in the City of Milwaukee:

The Milwaukee Area Service & Hospitality Workers Organization (MASH) announced a candidate forum for their members and union siblings for Tuesday, February 8th at 6:30pm. I was disappointed to learn that, even after requests from members of the union to hear from all candidates, only four candidates were invited: Candidates Johnson, Dimitrijevic, Lucas, and Taylor.

When I asked about the decision to limit participation, I was told that my past work as an entrepreneur and owner of businesses meant I had “nothing to say about what service and hospitality workers and our union need.”

These old assumptions stemming from traditional politics are exactly why I am running for Mayor. Divisions like these prevent us from moving forward together, growing tension between people who rely on one another for their livelihoods.

Over the years I have owned many bars and restaurants in our city. As an owner, I worked hard to raise pay, setting the bar for my employees at $15 an hour. I also produced events, which created jobs at the Fiserv Forum Plaza, often employing members of this union.

The service industry is where I chose to start my career. It is what builds the culture that has shaped this city we all love. That is why I reached out to and was endorsed by over 100 bars and restaurants from across the City of Milwaukee. I am proud to represent them and their employees in this race and will continue to fight for good paying jobs and career opportunities for Milwaukee’s service industry.

We are all exhausted by what politics have become. We all see how often politics gets in the way of good work we want to do together. I am running to offer Milwaukeeans another option. If you are ready to put old divides behind us, vote Michael Sampson for Mayor

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