MADISON – Today, State Treasurer and candidate for U.S. Senate Sarah Godlewski unveiled a new round of endorsements from La Crosse, Milwaukee, Kenosha, and her hometown of Eau Claire. Consisting of local leaders and elected officials, these endorsers are throwing their support behind Sarah’s movement because they believe Wisconsin deserves better than Ron Johnson.

“I’m so grateful for the support and partnership of leaders all across our state and for those joining our team today,” said Sarah Godlewski. “Under Ron Johnson’s failed leadership, Wisconsinites haven’t had a voice in the Senate, and it’s going to take a full-state coalition to flip this seat. That’s why with the support of community leaders, elected officials, national organizations, and voters across Wisconsin, we’ll finally get this done.”

These leaders are the latest in a growing list of endorsers from all corners of Wisconsin. Sarah’s campaign has also been endorsed by nationally recognized organizations, including EMILY’s List, Feminist Majority PAC, No Dem Left Behind, United Rural Democrats, VoteMama, Her Bold Move, Democrats Serve, and the National Women’s Political Caucus.

The 12 statewide endorsements include:

State Representative Don Vruwink: “Too many politicians these days don’t know how to get things done. Sarah Godlewski knows how to bring both sides of the aisle together around practical solutions that will make a real difference in the lives of Wisconsinites. As State Treasurer, she helped introduce bipartisan legislation that would set Wisconsin’s children up for financial success and stability, and now she’s running to bring this same approach to the U.S. Senate.”

Chippewa County Board Member Annette Hunt: “Sarah is a 5th generation Eau Claire native who has brought western Wisconsin, commonsense solutions to the office of the State Treasurer and who will do the same in the U.S. Senate. For too long, Washington politicians like Ron Johnson haven’t done enough for families in Chippewa and across our state. Unlike him, Sarah will fight tooth and nail to address the kitchen table issues that keep families up at night.”

Chippewa Falls School Board Clerk Sherry Jasper: “Sarah is the kind of leader that Wisconsin students, educators, and families need in Congress right now. As a working mom, she understood the challenges our schools faced during the pandemic, and she’s vowed to expand education resources and opportunities as Senator. At a time when it feels like public education and our children are under attack, we need a leader who isn’t afraid to fight for communities like mine. I’m joining Sarah’s campaign to remove Ron Johnson from office and bring common sense solutions to Washington!”

Eau Claire City Councilmember Joshua Miller: “The first time I met Sarah in person we were both walking to the same meeting. I’d just gotten out of my car lugging a box heavy with campaign postcards. She saw me, walked up, and said ‘Hi Josh! Can I carry anything for you?’ and carried the box while talking with me. I was a newcomer to politics and running for the first time in a local election, but Sarah knew who I was because she knows Wisconsin, its people, and what goes on in the cities, towns, and rural areas all across the state. She just jumps right in and is ready to work, like she did when she helped me that day. Sarah is the tough, smart candidate that can win in Wisconsin and be a champion for voting rights, act on the climate crisis, and protect women’s reproductive rights. Sarah’s always fighting what look to be uphill battles and keeps on getting the job done. She’s got my vote and I know she’ll work hard for us in the Senate.”

Eau Claire School Board President Tim Nordin: “As a local school board member, I’ve seen Sarah not only work to make education funding and sustainability for schools a part of our statewide efforts, but also engage directly with local districts like ours to find out what we need to reach our vision for students. Sarah continues to be a listener, a champion for Wisconsinites, and to know people for who they are, individually and genuinely. We need leaders in Washington who have built relationships in all parts of our state, who know local folks in cities, small towns, and everywhere in between. We need leaders like Sarah.”

Former Candidate for State Assembly Kathy Hinkfuss: “As a former health care executive, Sarah Godlewski has my support because she’s standing up against Big Pharma. One of her first policy papers was dedicated to lowering the cost of prescription drugs and reining in out-of-control pharmaceutical companies. Wisconsinites need someone who will stand up to special interests and lower health care bills, and Sarah is the candidate who will get it done.”

La Crosse School District Board of Education President Juan Jimenez: “I am so proud to endorse Sarah Godlewski to represent Wisconsinites in the United States Senate. Sarah is a fierce advocate, ensuring all voices have a seat at the table when decisions are made. She is a champion for public education, and understands the challenges being faced by our community members. In meeting Sarah, she is down-to-earth, caring, and empathetic. There is no better choice than Sarah Godlewski.”

La Crosse County Board Chair Monica Kruse: “Sarah Godlewski isn’t like most politicians. She’s a scrappy fighter who knows what it takes to win statewide in Wisconsin, and she’s running to represent every corner of our state, not just Madison and Milwaukee. Sarah is a candidate that everyone can get behind because she’s focused on practical results and is committed to fixing a broken Washington.”

Kenosha Alderperson Ruth Dyson: “Sarah met me out on the campaign trail and supported me for my race, helping me defeat my opponent and making the unheard voices heard in Kenosha. She’s always willing to bring support to local candidates across our state, which is why I’m ready to join her campaign and make Wisconsin voices heard in Congress.”

Milwaukee County Supervisor and Milwaukee School Board Vice President Sequanna Taylor: “Six more years of Ron Johnson is not what Wisconsinites need right now. Our state needs a U.S. Senator who is committed to improving the lives of Wisconsinites in Milwaukee and across our state — Sarah Godlewski is already doing this as State Treasurer and will continue this fight as Senator.”

River Falls City Council Alderperson Alyssa Mueller: “I am so excited that Sarah is running for Senate. As a fellow working mom, she understands the complexities around what working families need to thrive. Sarah has the lived experience to speak to all Wisconsinites and to advocate for policies that are solution-focused. I am thrilled to endorse her for the United States Senate.”

Shorewood Village Trustee Jerry Lynn: “I have seen Sarah take on impossible fights and win through hard work, ingenuity, and a steadfast commitment to uplifting the voices of the people of Wisconsin. Sarah saved the Treasurer’s office when no one else was willing to take up that fight, and then used her campaign to help candidates win up and down the ballot. Her can-do spirit is exactly what we need in Washington and her campaign has the resources, grassroots energy, and momentum to unite Wisconsinites. She can win the primary and beat Ron Johnson.”

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