We applaud the 11-1 decision of the Milwaukee City Common Council to approve the 7930 W. Clinton Ave. site for the Type 1 Youth Correctional Facility mandated by the State legislature to be built in Milwaukee County.  The August 12th decision moves forward the lengthy process that has been stalled again and again over the past five years.   Construction of the 32-bed facility would finally bring Milwaukee area youth currently at Lincoln Hills, back closer to home and to the restorative programming that’s needed.


We are thankful for everyone in the “Save the Chaney Center” Coalition, and in many other supportive groups, who made a phone call, sent an email, participated in the vigils at the Chaney Center, or in any way contributed to raising awareness of the crucial issue of bringing home our youth and saving the restorative programming at the Chaney Center—which was threatened with closure by the Department Of Correction, if they could not find another site for the youth facility.


We pledge our readiness to participate in any community meetings, or with any groups that want to air their concerns and their questions about the youth facility and the potential impact on the surrounding community.  The 20-year story of the positive impact of the Chaney Correctional Center, at 30th St. and Fond du Lac Ave.,on the surrounding neighborhood and the City of Milwaukee, and the positive support it has received from the Sherman Park Community Association, can help dispel fears that people may have about a youth correctional center in their community.


We encourage supporters of the Clinton Ave. site to stay engaged in the process that lies ahead.  The next step is the approval of the Joint Finance Committee.  We encourage supporters to contact members of the Joint Finance Committee and urge approval of the allocation of the funds necessary to purchase the site and construct the facility.


We view the young people at Lincoln Hills as our community’s children, as youth who have challenges but who also have great worth and potential.And therefore we urge elected officials and the many professionals engaged in the process of planning and constructing the facility and in helping to restore our youth to their full potential, to move this process forward with a sense of urgency.


Breaking the Chains Church

EXPO (Ex-incarcerated People Organizing)

FCAB (Felmers Chaney Advocacy Board)

MICAH (Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope)

Project RETURN

Urban Underground


Youth Justice Milwaukee

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