NEENAH, WI — Today, Republican candidate for Secretary of State, Jay Schroeder, called on County Clerks across the state to follow the law and not listen to the Wisconsin Election Commission’s (WEC) guideline to break the law.

Recently, according to the MacIver News Service, “The Joint Committee on the Review of Administrative Law (JCRAR) voted to suspend an emergency rule that allowed clerks to cure witness statements that accompany absentee ballots. Those statements must include a complete address, according to state law. WEC’s emergency rule would allow clerks to fill in the missing information themselves. JCRAR said that would be illegal.
After the vote, WEC announced that clerks could still cure those statements in accordance with a guidance memo the agency published in 2016. Sen. Nass, JCRAR co-chair, warned clerks that that is illegal.
WEC claimed it couldn’t retract that guidance without a majority of the commissioners voting to do so – even if it means breaking the law.”
Schroeder released the following statement:

“As a county clerk for the great state of Wisconsin, you have a moral duty to ensure that your county is following the letter of the law. Inherently partisan organizations like the Wisconsin Election Commission, which is run by overtly partisan leaders, should not determine election regulations and procedures. I am calling on all County Clerks across the state to follow the law and to reach out to their county attorneys for guidance on doing their job to the letter of the law and not relying on the guidance of unelected bureaucrats.

As Secretary of State I will put an end to WEC. A report from Michael Gableman suggested dissolving the WEC and tasking the Secretary of State with overseeing elections, as done in 33 different US states. My primary opponent, who voted to create the WEC, just weeks ago, wanted the Secretary of State to only serve as a check on this commission. Further, my opponent voted to fund the Wisconsin Elections Commission with  $10,000,000 in the most recent state budget! With the Racine County Sheriff recommending charges against WEC members for their actions, I know that there is no reason for this Commission to exist any longer.
This is just the most recent example of WEC not performing the job it was supposedly created to do. WEC and the commissioners appointed to it have proven time and time again they don’t care about secure elections, or putting an end to voter fraud.

I support additional election integrity implementations like the chain of custody of ballots,  voting equipment, and associated data, as well as watermarked ballots and other security measures. These efforts will ensure that our election system remains trustworthy.”

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