Running for Secretary of State was an honor of a lifetime explaining the problems of elections in Wisconsin.

On the campaign trail you get to know the candidates from a closer perspective. Candidates EARN my vote by actions not words.

Having said that, If Wisconsin truly wants the elections cleaned up in Wisconsin where every vote legally cast counts then the choice is clear. Tim Michels for Governor and Roger Roth for LT Governor are the only chance we have for election integrity in Wisconsin.They are the only statewide candidates that can get the job done. I urge all of my supporters to vote for Michels on November 8th. It is time we have a businessman who has not been or is part of the swamp in Madison.

In the AG race having spoken to Eric Toney both on the record and off I am convinced he will be for the rule of law in Wisconsin. We as Republicans stand for the rule of law so this is an easy choice.

Wisconsin will also be blessed with the election of Derrick Van Orden for congress in the western part of Wisconsin. Having met him and talked with him in Mar A Lago I am 100% convinced he is the real deal and will be the Jim Jordan of Wisconsin. His election will send Nancy Pelosi packing as house speaker.

Lastly, America’s Senator Ron Johnson is the same person I met long before he was a US Senator from Wisconsin. He cares about the Quality of Life in Wisconsin and nationwide and will take on whoever he has to to protect our way of life including the FBI.

These victories will Make Wisconsin and America Great again.

Vote November 8th like your way of life depends on it because it does.

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