I travel Wisconsin and hear the voices of the residents of the state, the message is clear wherever I go. The Wisconsin Elections Commission needs to be FIRED and the Administrator should resign. As the only candidate for Secretary of State, calling for both of these actions is based on information I have compiled. We can’t win this election with the same platform as Doug Lafollette. I have listened to hearings at the capitol and the election commission meetings also.

The one thing that is crystal clear is the system is broken and irredeemable.
The dictionary defines irredeemable as:

not able to be saved, improved, or corrected.
“so many irredeemable mistakes have been made”
In some minds in state government, covid 19 allowed the constitution to be suspended.Nothing could be further from the truth
Illegal drop boxes. Waiving of special voting deputies for nursing homes, allowing Zuckerbucks influence elections,….Voting rolls with 7 million on the list but only 4.2 eligible to vote. 625,000 of deceased on the list.
This gets me to the heart of why the system is broken.
At the hearing in Sherwood I heard how the deceased voter list was “cleaned” up every 4 years. My father lived with us for 5 years and passed away 6.5 years ago. When I addressed the administrator and challenged the Fact that I went unto my myvoteWi and held it up on my cell phone that I could click on the Red Icon and register my deceased Dad to vote, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back and it is time to bring back dignity back to elections in Wisconsin.
It ain’t rocket science:
1. Eliminate all voting machines in Wisconsin that have internet access.
2.Paper ballots with watermarks to insure chain of custody.
3.No drop boxes period.
4.Special voting deputies for ALL nursing homes 100%
5.Absentee ballots for the military and others with doctors excuses or other papers trails.
In 1848 when Wisconsin was founded up to the 1970’s elections were under the secretary of state’s office, just like 33 states have it now.
The current system needs to be put in the recycle bin once and for all.
Further information can be provided at schroederforsecretaryofstate.com
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