I am very heartened that the Republican Party at convention has adopted most of the items I have been talking about as I travel Wisconsin these past 8 months. Together we are getting the word out. Grassroots are working to once again run the party from the bottom up.
 1. Dissolve the Wisconsin Election Commission, or as I say “fire” them. (Note my opponent has been slow to embrace this, as she voted to create WEC, wanted to be a “check on WEC”, failed to cut the $10 million dollar WEC budget and now that her poli-sci degree kicked in from UW Madison put her finger to the wind and now wants to adopt my platform)
2.End the use of the ERIC voter roll system. (which George Soros helped fund)
3.Use of Paper Ballots only
4.Same day tabulation of ballots.

In addition, we need to put all voting machines that have internet access into the recycle bin as they can be hacked. WIS vote should be put into receivership and taken away from WEC. Reasons will be coming out.
The Radical Republicans(later known as “stalwarts” were a faction of American politicians within the Republican Party from the founding of the party in 1854.
Radical Republicans have a simple request we want fair elections.
The good news is we are onto them on all the corrupt things that have happened in the state we all love.
For further information: schroederforsecretaryofstate.com
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