NEENAH, WI — Wisconsin Republican candidate for Secretary of State Jay Schroeder has pledged to overcome the chaos that continues to be sown by Democrats in the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) to ensure election integrity for voters.

After the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling prohibiting unmanned absentee ballot drop boxes, Democrats on the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) are refusing to provide lawful guidance to 1,850 clerks to ensure compliance with the law.
Jay Schroeder shared the following statement:
“The unwillingness of WEC Democrats to provide guidance to clerks so they can
perform their duty in compliance with the law is despicable. This is a partisan ploy
by Democrats who are desperate to hold onto power even if it means subverting
the will of those they serve. 
The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling presents an imperative for the WEC to act
promptly in providing guidance to clerks so that Wisconsin voters are ensured
their right to free and fair elections. 
As your next Secretary of State, I will stand firm in expecting the WEC to lawfully administer our elections in accordance with state statute. Your vote for me will be for a leader who will defend the integrity of our elections by ensuring that clerks are vested with the lawful guidance to safeguard the sanctity of each valid vote.” 
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