Once again, the Wisconsin Election Commission has demonstrated its lack of knowledge in following the statutes of the state of Wisconsin.
Once again, I call upon the Wisconsin Election Commission to be dissolved.
On January 13th Judge Michael Boehren ruled that absentee ballot drop boxes can no longer be used in Wisconsin,(except to be mailed back or handed in in-person) saying “there’s no authority to do it.
The lawsuit said that the Wisconsin Election Commission had INCORRECTLY interpreted election statutes as to allow for drop boxes to be used for absentee ballots, saying that “only legally cast votes should count and counting illegally cast votes diminishes the value of those cast legally” The election has been tainted.
Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson in November told lawmakers that he wanted them to take over elections and tell local officials to ignore the work of the elections commission.
I stand with Sen Johnson in wanting local officials to ignore the WEC and I believe they should be fired.
There are currently 4 million eligible voters in Wisconsin YET 7 million on the voter rolls. 33 states have elections under the Secretary of State’s office. I am campaigning to make
Wisconsin number 34.
Wanting to have a seat on the Wisconsin Election commission as my opponent does is the same platform as Doug Lafollette.
I look forward to the continued tour I am taking of Wisconsin for my race of Secretary of State and getting the word out that our election process is rigged  for fraud.
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