Informative and inspiring forum for Secretary of State (SOS) candidates held at Mar a Lago!  I was encouraged while talking to fellow candidates for Secretary of State including Arizona’s candidate Mark Finchum. America First proponents all agree the time is now.
I enjoyed my colloquy with President Trump on my candidacy for SOS in Wisconsin and how the Wisconsin Election Commission needs to be fired. President Trump is fully aware of who and how roadblocks are created to delay uncovering of the truth.  We agreed that in each state we are to work tirelessly to increase election integrity, clean voting logs and avoid paying for ballots. One thing is for sure, there is widespread distrust of elections in America.
Wisconsin has a deep state who wants to run out the clock and create fatigue regarding voter fraud in many of our counties. Madison has similarities to Washington DC with many players, many from one party and a few from the other.
Job one in Wisconsin is to eliminate all election machines in Wisconsin with internet access. I  support paper ballots with watermarks, voter ID and ballot chain of custody. The “Indefinitely Confined” reason for absentee ballots should include a medical letter.  Let’s clean up voter rolls including the 625,000 deceased voters including my father who passed in 2015 whom I found still able to register.
Lets seek prison time for private “Zuckerbucks” companies for meddling in our elections and fines.  If you watch the movie “2000 Mules” you will see how felonies were committed across our state and the nation.
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