NEENAH, WI – Wisconsin Republican candidate for Secretary of State Jay Schroeder made a statement about last week’s ruling by Wisconsin’s Supreme Court declaring that ballot drop boxes violates our law.

The court’s final decision rendered memos from Wisconsin’s Election Commission as invalid and not consistent with Wisconsin’s statutes.

Schroeder shared the following statement:

“The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) overstepped its legal authority, and this action is now declared as null and void.

It’s our duty as a free citizenry to live by self-governance through an elected representative and call for the decertification of the illegitimate 2020 presidential election.

The due diligence of Americans who remain persistent in seeking justice for unlawful actions surrounding the 2020 presidential election should be recognized by the 4-3 Wisconsin Supreme Court Decision ruling that exposes this grievance.

I urge every citizen to call their County and State GOP office to demand that a resolution be passed and reject this fraudulence. Langlade County has done this, and the rest of the state must do so if we are to maintain the power of our voice.”

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