Milwaukee, WI – The Select Committee on the Economy held a hearing discussing the housing and economic challenges in the city of Milwaukee, in particular focusing on redlining. Ranking Member Bryan Steil (WI-01) stressed the critical need to look at solutions that can help the next generation overcome historical barriers and succeed economically, particularly by promoting school choice.


Milwaukee has one of the oldest school choice programs in the country, with almost 30,000 students currently enrolled in the program. School choice is extremely popular in the Milwaukee area and has supporters on both sides of the aisle. During the hearing, Ranking Member Steil emphasized the need for parents to have access to the best educational opportunities so that children can attend a school that will work best for them.


“There is a discussion that we can have about the role that school choice can play to make sure everyone can choose a school that is best for their child to be successful, regardless of the zip code that they live in. It is an absolutely essential policy for us to focus on,” said Ranking Member Bryan Steil.


The Republican witness for this hearing was Shaun Luehring, President of the LUMIN Schools since 2019. LUMIN Schools was founded in 2002 and has grown to 8 campuses and nearly 1,400 students.
“Parents know that when they choose a school they’re not just choosing a curriculum or programs, but a culture, a philosophy, values, mentors, and ultimately, to open doors to the future… I have talked to countless parents and have not yet met one parent who doesn’t want to choose the best school for their child, because they believe in the power of education to change lives,” said Mr. Shaun Luehring.


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