MADISON- Today, Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) announced her intent to run for Senate Democratic Leader. She released the following statement:

“Earlier today, I delivered a letter to my Democratic colleagues outlining my intent to run for Senate Democratic Leader. Senate Democrats know that our ideas, supported by the vast majority of our friends and neighbors, can move our state forward. Wisconsinites have reaffirmed their support for these progressive policies with the re-election of Governor Evers. As the gerrymandered majority continues to ignore the will of Wisconsinites, it is incumbent on Senate Democrats to lift up the voices of the people in our state and effect the change that they have demanded time and time again. 

“I know Senate Democrats are talented, knowledgeable, and determined. Each member represents a unique constituency and brings a specific skill set to the table. Building on each of our strengths, we will move our state forward and ensure that the ordinary people, main street businesses, and local communities are better served and represented in Wisconsin.

“Wisconsin does better when we all work together to honor the will of the people.”

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