Madison, WI – Today, Governor Tony Evers signed Emergency Order #170 prohibiting price gouging of gasoline and diesel. Wisconsin is one of many states facing significant price increases in gas and diesel due to higher oil demand, limited global supply, and low refinery capacity.

State Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“As the price for everyday good continues to increase, folks from all over Wisconsin are struggling to keep up with these higher costs. Especially during a global pandemic, no one should have to choose between filling up their tank to get to work or buying groceries to feed their families.

“Gas and diesel prices are a major concern for Wisconsinites right now, and I applaud Governor Evers for taking action in preventing price gouging at the pump. It is egregious that big oil companies are taking advantage of regular folks while padding their own pockets.

“I want to thank Governor Evers for taking swift action during these difficult times and putting the needs of Wisconsin people first.”

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