(MADISON)—Today, the Democratic members of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee submitted for the committee’s review a formal request for a legislative audit to be performed of the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), led by former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, and issued the following statement:

“The people of Wisconsin are left with many questions regarding the activities and administration of the OSC. Today we were disappointed when the co-chairs refused to hear any discussion of our request to have the Legislative Audit Bureau provide oversight and accountability to Gableman’s efforts that have cost taxpayers $676,000 without any clear results and no end in sight. Wisconsinites deserve transparency regarding the use of public funds for an ‘investigation’ that has so far failed to perform at the level that they expect of their government.”

“This is strike two,” said Senator Carpenter. “I have been waiting to hear back from the co-chairs about this concept that was brought to their attention weeks ago. There has been more than enough time for Speaker Vos and Michael Gableman to provide information to the people of our state, and explain to the people exactly what it is that they are getting for their money. If they will not be forthright and transparent about the terms of their verbal agreement, we believe it is appropriate to request that the Legislative Audit Bureau shed light on this situation. No more handwritten invoices, no more stonewalling records requests and court orders, it’s time for real accountability.”

“It is our responsibility as the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to ensure that Wisconsin’s tax dollars are not being wasted,” said Representative Hesselbein. “I have spoken about the serious concerns I have with Michael Gableman’s unaccountable and clearly partisan investigation. I call on my colleagues to support an audit of the Office of Special Counsel to bring transparency to the potential waste and abuse of taxpayer money. If there is any illegal activity, mismanagement, or fraud, the taxpayers of Wisconsin deserve to know.”

“The Gableman ‘fraudit’ has been nothing but a misinformed and expensive undermining of our electoral processes,” said Representative Hong. “Republicans must cease twisting government for partisan gain and instead work with us to practice transparency and accountability.”

“I support Senator Carpenter’s call,” said Senator Agard. “The Joint Legislative Audit Committee is here to ensure that our taxpayers’ dollars do not fall down a hole of waste and abuse. Gableman’s attempts to undermine our democracy are unacceptable. It is a shame and a sham.”

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