Madison, WI – Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court announced the adoption of the GOP’s legislative maps in a 4-3 ruling. Justice Hagedorn, after previously backing Governor Evers’ maps, joined fellow conservatives on the vote. State Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“This is a terrible day for democracy in Wisconsin. Our state and our democracy has suffered tremendously in the last ten years due too grossly rigged, gerrymandered maps by the GOP behind closed doors. Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has sided with another ten years of highly partisan maps.

“Once again, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has demonstrated that they do not believe in upholding judicial fairness. Instead, this decision will only further suppress Wisconsin voters, who are already suffering the consequences of gerrymandering.

“The people of Wisconsin are fierce advocates for fair, nonpartisan maps. Voters should be choosing their elected officials—not the other way around. I am ashamed of this blatantly partisan decision made by the State Supreme Court.

“We must keep fighting for fair maps. Wisconsin’s democracy has never been more in jeopardy.”

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