United States – As of Tuesday, May 24, 2022, the United States has surpassed 200 mass shootings this year alone, with 27 school shootings. In the last week, mass shootings have occurred at an elementary school in Ulvade, Texas, a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, and the Deer District of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

State Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“As the mother of four boys, I can only imagine the tremendous pain and loss too many families across the country are feeling right now. Families and communities are being shattered by senseless, preventable gun violence.

“After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, we vowed that we would never let this happen again. And yet since the Sandy Hook massacre, we’ve let 2,654 mass shootings happen. We’ve let countless lives be lost due to preventable gun violence. We cannot accept mass shootings as normal or inevitable in this country—but we have made no significant legislative changes in response to this epidemic.

“America is a huge outlier in developed countries as it pertains to mass shootings. We have some of the weakest gun laws in the developed world. While Democrats have been working tirelessly for universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders, and other pragmatic gun safety policies, the GOP – fueled by the gun lobby—has prevented so many of these policies from advancing.

“People are literally scared for their lives. They’re scared for their children who have to go to school every day. They’re scared to do day-to-day activities, from just going to the grocery store to the movie theater to even walking down the block. But their country, and the state of Wisconsin, is not doing nearly enough to keep them safe.

“I grieve all of the lives we have lost to these mass shootings. But we cannot sit idly by, only offering thoughts and prayers, when we need immediate action. We must do all we can to keep our kids and communities safe and secure from violence. It is past time to implement pragmatic gun safety laws in our state and country now.”

Sign the petition to call on our legislative leaders to take the first steps toward a safer Wisconsin and country by passing bills that are overwhelmingly supported by the public such as Universal Background Checks and Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

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