MADISON – Today, Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) and Representative Shelia Stubbs (D-Madison), joined by Dr. James Nosal, introduced legislation to reinstate the 48 hour waiting period on handgun purchases in Wisconsin. The introduction comes on the sixth anniversary of Caroline Nosal’s murder in 2016.

Senator Agard and Representative Stubbs issues the following statements:

Senator Agard: 

“Today, we honor Caroline Nosal with the introduction of this bill – we carry her memory with us and come to this building with legislation to prevent this from happening to another family. We cannot continue to stand idly by as our community members are murdered by senseless acts of gun violence. We must have the courage and political will to do the right thing.

“We’re here to say that we can avoid senseless violence like this in the future. We must choose to be a safer, more secure society. We must choose as a society to support policies that save lives. Simply put, every Wisconsinite should have the freedom to live, work, and play without fear of violence. We have the power to create a better, safer future. Let’s work together to accomplish that.”

Representative Stubbs: 

“48-Hour waiting periods are a common-sense way to limit crimes of passion and keep our communities safe. The purchasing of a deadly weapon is not an action that can be taken lightly. Every weapon has the ability to permanently impact individuals, families, and entire communities. During this epidemic of gun violence, it is vital that we as legislators take action, and protect our communities.

“I urge my colleagues to listen to the people that are most impacted by inaction on this policy. Dr. and Mrs. Nosal have endured an unthinkable tragedy, and we are forever grateful for their strength in sharing their story. As lawmakers, it is our job to ensure no other family has to face this pain. As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, so wisely said “The time is always right to do what is right” And now the time is right to reinstate 48-hour waiting periods in the state of Wisconsin.”

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