Madison, WI – Today, Senate Republicans brought forward a series of bills that would limit our democracy and restrict voting rights. Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“Republicans in Wisconsin continue to promote the ‘Big Lie’ and attack our democratic institutions. The series of bills today continue to prove that the Republican agenda is focused solely on anti-democratic principles and conspiracy theories. The Republican obsession with the 2020 election needs to end. Our elections are safe, free, and fair. Our election workers and administrators do admirable, selfless work in the interest of safeguarding our democracy.

“It is shameful that Republicans continue attacking voting rights rather than empowering Wisconsinites and working to ensure that our elections are more accessible for everyone. This attempt to chip away at our democracy is disturbing and intolerable.

“My Democratic colleagues and I are committed to protecting voting rights. We are committed to supporting BIPOC communities whose rights are constantly under siege by a majority party that is intent on limiting their voices. We are committed to supporting clerks and election officers who work so hard on Wisconsinites’ behalf. We are committed to upholding one of our most sacred of principles: the doctrine of one person, one vote.

“Everyone in Wisconsin should breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Governor Evers’ veto pen will strike down these damaging bills. We must remain vigilant in spite of the GOP’s pursuit of power to limit the people’s voice in Wisconsin and nationally.”

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