GOP ignores will of the people, passes slate of legislation that won’t address issues facing Wisconsinites

MADISON – Today, Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) introduced a substitute amendment to Assembly Bill 440, to legalize cannabis for responsible adult usage. The amendment was struck down on party lines.

Senator Melissa Agard released the following statement:

“The fundamental aspect of our job as legislators is to listen to the people we represent. The people of Wisconsin have been asking for the legislature to take up common sense measures that will push our state forward.

“Because of GOP inaction, I was proud to introduce a substitute amendment to legalize cannabis for responsible adult usage during the Senate floor session today. Legalizing cannabis is a smart move for our state fiscally, socially, and will move Wisconsin forward. By legalizing marijuana for responsible adult usage, we will open the door to countless family-sustaining jobs, have the means to regulate and tax marijuana to provide abundant economic stimulus for our state, and address the massive and egregious racial disparities in marijuana-related arrest rates. It is high time we as a state get this done.

“Legalization is just one example of how the GOP continues to ignore the will of the people in Wisconsin. We need action on this topic and a myriad of others; expanding BadgerCare, non-partisan redistricting, curbing climate change, addressing the on-going pandemic, increasing wages, and so much more.

“I know that when we put people first, we achieve great things. And when we put people first, we create opportunity and prosperity for all of our friends and neighbors. I am disappointed in the lack of this ideal within GOP leadership. We have to do better. We must be better.”

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