Madison, WI – Today, Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) testified in favor of Senate Bill 821 at the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety. This bill, introduced by Agard, would prohibit sending unsolicited lewd images by electronic means.

Senator Melissa Agard released the following statement:

“Consent matters in the digital world, and it is imperative that we take action to prevent the sending of unsolicited obscene or sexually explicit images.

“No one wants to be flashed by a stranger as they are walking down the street. The same logic must apply to the digital world where folks also do not want or appreciate an unsolicited lewd image being sent to them. While these unsolicited lewd images may seem innocuous to the sender, those on the receiving end of non-consensual messages are left feeling vulnerable and violated.

“As lawmakers, it is imperative that we look to adapt our state statutes to fit our digital world. No one deserves to feel violated or exploited. Senate Bill 821 implements concrete steps to address this predatory and disturbing behavior. This does not mean that the government will be interfering with consenting adults who choose to share private images, but rather works to ensure that consent is enforced in the digital world.

“This is a bipartisan, common-sense bill, and I hope that allies on both sides of the aisle will come together and join me to help get this important legislation passed.”

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