Madison, WI – Today, the Republican-controlled Senate quickly gaveled in and out of Governor Evers’ special session to protect reproductive health care. After the session, Senate Democratic Leader Janet Bewley (D-Mason) released the following statement: 

“No matter how the question has been framed, a majority of Wisconsin citizens consistently say they want abortion to be safe, legal, and accessible. By gaveling out today’s special session without debate, Republicans ignore the will of up to two-thirds of Wisconsinites. By refusing to repeal the draconian criminal abortion law, Legislative Republicans make it clear they have no desire to listen to their constituents. They like to wrap themselves in the flag of democracy, but all Republicans do is cater to their far-right-wing base. Governor Evers and Legislative Democrats will continue to fight to protect access to abortion and ensure safe and available health care for all citizens. Reproductive care is health care.” 

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