MADISON, WI – Today, Governor Tony Evers unveiled his plan to use a portion of the state surplus to address rising costs of goods and eliminate barriers to employment for Wisconsin families. Senate Minority Leader Janet Bewley issued the following statement regarding the Governor’s proposed plan: 

“In the nearly two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wisconsin has been able to build back better. While the Republicans in the legislature took a 300-day vacation in the midst of a global crisis, Governor Evers stepped up and made the tough decisions necessary to help our state recover and rebound. Democrats across the state supported the Governor as we built a strong economy, reached record-low unemployment, and achieved unprecedented revenue projections. And we support him today as he announces his latest plan to continue the state’s recovery. 

“Despite the progress we’ve made, there’s still more to be done. We need to address the rising costs of goods, provide more access to affordable childcare, strengthen our children’s education, and remove barriers to employment. Governor Evers and Democrats recognize that these concerns must be swiftly addressed, and given the $3.8 billion surplus, we have a golden opportunity to do so. The Governor’s proposed plan puts even more money in people’s pockets, addresses the costs of childcare and caregiving, and invests in our kids and schools. By delivering $150 to every Wisconsin resident, providing $131.8 million in targeted tax relief to families and caregivers, and investing nearly $750 million in education, Democrats will take the steps necessary to help our working families continue to recover from the pandemic.  

“I am hopeful that my Republican colleagues will recognize the vast benefits this plan provides. Together we can deliver to the people of Wisconsin the help they deserve.”

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