MADISON, Wis.—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement following the signing of the federal Respect for Marriage Act, which President Joe Biden signed into law this afternoon:

“The Respect for Marriage Act is a tremendous legislative achievement, which earned a huge amount of bipartisan support, allowing it to meet the supermajority threshold to overcome a filibuster. I am extremely proud of my friend, Senator Tammy Baldwin, for her efforts in accomplishing this momentous protection of Americans’ right to marry the person whom they love. National surveys have found that approximately seventy percent of Americans support codifying these protections.

“I am hopeful that the bipartisanship that we saw in Washington D.C. to protect these rights will also be felt in Wisconsin and allow us to remove the hurtful prohibition on same sex marriage in our state constitution. It is the law of the land that same sex marriages and interracial marriages are recognized as equal, and we should work to remove this embarrassing vestige that took equal rights away from our fellow Wisconsinites.”

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