Madison – A bill that will help keep student-athletes safe is now law in Wisconsin. Schools will now distribute information to parents informing them of the dangers of sudden cardiac arrest. Senator Darling says parents and students will now receive information regarding the risks of sudden cardiac arrest, and how to request an electrocardiogram.
“High school athletes can pass traditional physicals without knowing they have a potentially fatal issue with their heart,” Darling said, “This new law alerts parents and can help save lives.”
The legislation was called the Kai 11 bill. Kai was a three-sport athlete at Waukesha North High School. Despite being only 16 and a great athlete, Kai died from sudden cardiac arrest. Regular school physicals for sports didn’t detect the problems with Kai’s heart. Senator Darling previously authored a law that informs parents on the dangers of concussions. She says the Kai 11 bill was modeled after that law.
“Sports are important to the development of young people,” Darling said, “ Sports teach cooperation, teamwork, and trust. Kids learn to work together to accomplish a goal. It puts kids from different backgrounds together and teaches them to trust each other. Most of all, athletics are fun. These laws will help make sure sports are also safer for student-athletes.”
Senator Darling represents portions of Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha Counties.
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