Madison – As School Choice Week 2022 comes to an end, State Senator Alberta Darling announced that in the coming days, she and several of her colleagues will be releasing a series of educational reforms that will empower parents, refocus performance outcomes, emphasize accountability, and create even more successful educational options for Wisconsin families. On Friday, State Senator Alberta Darling issued the following statement.

“Wisconsin was the first state to give parents more say in their children’s education and future. We have an opportunity to build on our reputation and reclaim our status as a national model for reforming K-12 education.

Increased scrutiny and parental involvement in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed the need for fundamental reforms while presenting a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a course correction. Our package addresses the growing demand to empower parents to tailor their children’s individual education, establish accountability, and encourage collaboration between parents and educators.

As one of the original authors of School Choice, I want to thank the students, teachers, and leaders who helped make Wisconsin’s landmark program a huge success. I’m proud of how School Choice empowers parents and gives kids a chance to succeed no matter where they live.

Congratulations to all of our choice schools. They are continuing to make a huge difference in our children’s futures.”

Senator Darling represents portions of Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha Counties.

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