Madison – Tony Evers made his choice. He’s once again siding with anti-parent union leader Randi Weingarten and not parents and their children. 

The chair of the Senate’s Education Committee, Senator Alberta Darling, says she is disappointed Evers is willing to campaign with someone who believes parents having a say in their kids’ education is the way wars start.

“Tony Evers has been beholden to the teacher’s union since they first got him elected as State Superintendent. He’s remained in lockstep as Governor, vetoing bills that prioritize students and empower parents.” Darling said, “Governor Evers is in the race of his life so it’s no surprise to see the unions coming in to try to save him and their control over his office.”

Evers’ pal has a history of anti-parent, anti-child advocacy:

This session, Evers vetoed several education reform bills including the Parental Bill of Rights, universal school choice, early intervention for kids struggling to read, and school curriculum transparency.

“We will be dealing with the repercussions of the teachers unions keeping kids locked out of schools for decades,” Darling said, “It’s not just the test scores that were negatively impacted, lockdowns had an extremely harmful effect on the development of young children and the mental health of older kids.”

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