Madison – Governor Evers continues to turn a blind eye to avenues for vote fraud. On Friday afternoon, the governor vetoed two common-sense reforms authored by State Senator Alberta Darling. Senator Darling says the governor is ignoring real problems.
“It’s clear the governor didn’t even bother to read these bills and wants to lump any election reform as a conspiracy theory,” Darling said, “He claims that ‘there is no evidence of non-residents voting in Wisconsin.’ That’s not true. I authored this bill because someone did try to vote illegally and another person was successful in illegally voting in Mequon. This bill only makes it harder to cheat.”
Senate Bill 938, authored by Senator Darling and Representative Dan Knodl, originated with a concern raised by the Mequon City Clerk. During a recent local election, someone tried to register to vote. When they were asked if they were a citizen, they said “no,” and were turned away. The clerk is concerned that a less honest person would have received a ballot. Senate Bill 938 requires non-resident driver’s licenses to indicate “Not Valid for Voting Purposes.” It also will confirm the citizenship of people on the voter registration list.
The governor also vetoed Senate Bill 943 which helps make sure major changes in election law are approved by the Legislature. During the 2020 election, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) made several changes to the way the state handles elections without approval from the Legislature. Senate Bill 943 will improve the legislative review process of WEC guidance.
“It’s the job of the Legislature to write laws,” Darling said, “Unelected bureaucrats shouldn’t be allowed to change laws on a whim or interrupt our elections. As we have seen, this creates confusion and different rules for different parts of the state. That’s not fair to the voters of Wisconsin.”
Senator Darling represents portions of Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha Counties.
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