Statement from Authors of Advocate-Based Medical Marijuana Legislation
MADISON – Today, the Senate Committee on Insurance, Licensing and Forestry held a committee hearing on Senate Bill 1034, relating to limited legalization of medical marijuana, even though our legislative session ended March 15th and this bill does not have a chance to become law this session.
Today’s fake hearing gives patients false hope that Republicans plan to do anything to help them access their medicine this session and is merely a political ploy.  If they were serious they would have not only held the hearing during the active legislative session, but also included Senate Bill 1035 and Assembly Bill 1063—bills that advocates have worked on with us for years.  
This bill does not allow people to legally grow small amounts of cannabis for their own medicinal use—meaning many rural patients will be left out if they don’t have a dispensary near them or cannot afford Big Pharma’s prices.  They are also forced to use oils, pills or tinctures, not at all what advocates are asking for.  In addition, this bill adds a 10% tax, and we don’t believe that people’s medicine should be taxed. 
Assembly Bill 1063 and Senate Bill 1035 create a system where experts at DHS and DATCP are administering and regulating the program. Unfortunately, Senator Felzkowski’s bill creates a commission of political appointees, yet again injecting politics into whether or not someone gets their medicine.
It is our hope that we can continue a genuine discussion of the legalization of medical marijuana at the beginning of the next legislative session; not after we are done—and with more advocates and fewer politicians at the table.
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