Madison, WI: On the evening of February 15th, 2022, Governor Evers delivered his State of the State Address to a Joint Session of the State Senate and the State Assembly. Below is Senator Mary Felzkowski’s (R-Tomahawk) response:

“Last night, we heard from Governor Evers that he has done a great job handing out the federal government’s money to individuals and entities across Wisconsin. I won’t disagree that this money has helped people get back on their feet. But there are many issues in today’s society that can’t be solved by throwing money at them – money we are borrowing from our grandchildren at that.”

“While the federal money has provided relief to Wisconsin’s industries and been used to fund common-sense Republican-led ideas, there are issues that Governor Evers has chosen not address, issues that affect the everyday lives of our citizens. Over the past year, the people of Wisconsin have seen inflation skyrocket, electricity bills go through the roof, local roads continue to crumble, and parents labeled as a threat to their children’s education.”

“True leadership in government is about sitting down with real people, analyzing the problems they are facing, and finding long-term solutions to these problems. True leadership is standing up for constitutional freedoms, supporting parents and families, providing our law enforcement officers with the funding they need to protect our communities, expanding broadband, and passing meaningful tax reforms that keep more money in your pocket.”

“My closing thought on last night’s State of the State Address is this: don’t forget the struggles we’ve faced under this administration. Our businesses were shuttered, our schools were closed, our nursing home residents banned from having family visit, and our citizens forced to face ultimatums between their personal medical freedoms and their employment. While Governor Evers continues to mask deep-rooted issues with flashy federal money, it’s important to remember that our principles are worth more than he can afford.”

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