It was disappointing to see just weeks ago, Governor Evers broke the record for the most vetoes issued by a governor in a single session; so much for working together. His total is now at 126.


Buried in that long list of vetoes was Assembly Bill 940, a simple bill that required the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to submit a plan on how the agency plans to use $3 million that was included in the budget for talent attraction and retention. Wisconsin, like many other aging Midwestern states has a retiring workforce and low-population growth leaving hundreds of jobs left open and employers desperately searching for help.


In the governor’s veto message he claimed the legislature’s involvement was “unnecessary interference.”


The budget, which included the talent recruitment and retention provision, was signed into law in July of 2021. It should not take nearly a full year for a state agency to outline how it will use taxpayer money to implement a program that would help Wisconsin businesses find workers.

The governor may think the legislature directing state agencies to do their job is unnecessary but the businesses that are desperate for help are likely to disagree.

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