WASHINGTON—On Monday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum” and Fox Business’ “Kudlow” to discuss how President Biden’s war on fossil fuels and American energy independence has increased gas and energy prices.

 The interviews can be found here and here. Excerpts are below.

“I think in Wisconsin, we got some gas stations now reporting over $5 a gallon. I haven’t paid that much yet. But people are filling up their pickup trucks and paying, you know, it’s costing them over $100. That’s when they can afford to fill up their truck or their car. So this is putting a huge pinch on consumers, particularly seniors on a fixed income and people at the lower end of the economic spectrum. That’s who it really hurts. Doesn’t hurt Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg and the big tech social media giants or, you know, the elite Democrats that support President Biden’s environmental policies. This is hurting real people.” (Sen. Ron Johnson, ‘The Story with Martha MacCallum,’ 6/6/2022)

“Well, my first question is, how can his approval ratings be that high? How can there be 28% of the American population that actually approve of what’s happening in this country? But, you know, when I talk to people at the gas station, I mean, they are upset. They’re outraged. This, you know, it’s costing them more than $100 to fill up their truck. And that’s when they can fill up the tank. A lot of them can only put in 40 bucks worth. And that’s not even half a tank in some cases. So people are really noticing it. They’re going the grocery store, they know that they’re not getting what they used to be able to buy because inflation’s pushing up food prices. But gasoline that is the one that, really, everybody sees what the price per gallon is in Wisconsin. Now, we’ve had some of the first gas stations top over $5 a gallon. Again, this is completely out of control and people are noticing it.” (Sen. Ron Johnson, ‘Kudlow,’ 6/6/2022)

“And of course it didn’t just happen. This is actually caused by President Biden. The radical members of his administration and their neighbors in Congress, this is their policies. This is what they want to happen. When you engage in a war on fossil fuel, when you restrict the supply of it for, you know, in a number of different ways, you know, you cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, you make it more difficult to permit, you have your allies and outside environmental groups to file lawsuits against people producing fossil fuels. You’re going to reduce the supply of it, which is going to automatically increase the price. They know the basic laws of supply and demand. This is the result of their policies. This is what they wanted. They just don’t want to be held accountable for it.” (Sen. Ron Johnson, ‘The Story with Martha MacCallum,’ 6/6/2022)

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