MADISON – Today State Senator LaTonya was reappointed to the powerful Joint Committee on Finance by Democratic Leader Melissa Agard. Senator Johnson made the following comments regarding her appointment:

“As Governor Tony Evers has previously said ‘what’s best for our kids is best for our state.’ Our new Senate Democratic Leader, Melissa Agard, demonstrated these same values by recognizing that the voices of women and moms are critical in discussions about where our state dollars are spent.

At a time when we have a historic budget surplus, we can no longer sit on our hands while hardworking families struggle. I know that the governor will propose a budget that will align with the values and needs of Wisconsin families and ensure all of our children, regardless of zip code, can thrive. As a mother, that is the Wisconsin I want for our future and as a member of the Joint Finance Committee that is what I will be fighting for during the upcoming state budget process.”

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