Democratic members on the Senate Committee on Universities and Technical Colleges issued the following statement objecting to passage of the so-called ‘committee report’ entitled “Security and Research Protections in the University of Wisconsin System.”

“Once again, Chairman Roth has issued a ‘report’ crafted without the input of Democratic committee members, one that does not reflect any collaborative work done between committee members or the public.

“While Democratic committee members agree that authoritarianism and human rights violations happening abroad are concerning, the Wisconsin Legislature is not Congress or the US State Department. The federal government is already working to address concerns related to the security of our higher education institutions.

“Democratic committee members voted against Senate Bills 742, 744, and 745 in committee for these same reasons. Should the legislature act on these recommendations, it will lead to a multitude of problems within the UW System. If the committee chair wants to ensure our institutions are ‘secure’, he should work to ensure proper funding of our public higher educational institutions.”

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