Madison, WI – We should be doing all we can to make sure all Americans have their vote counted in a democracy. Unfortunately, Republican politicians are moving Wisconsin away from our closely held democratic ideals. Ever since Joe Biden became President-elect, Republicans in our state have been undermining faith in our elections in support of the Big Lie. In December, 2020, ten of them even met in the State Capitol in a brazen attempt to commit election fraud and steal an election they lost. Today, GOP legislators passed a dozen bills designed to effectively make future elections irrelevant.

Extreme gerrymandering may make them more afraid of neo-fascist primary challengers than anything resembling a majority of our neighbors, but there can be no mistaking their intentions. For these Republican politicians, it’s about power over principle, control over conscience, and grievance over the common good.

For a party that has lost 11 out of the last 12 statewide elections, you’d expect they’d make some attempt to play to the middle. Sadly, the only middle they seem to understand is the middle finger they shove in the faces of Wisconsin’s working people every single day. I was proud to stand with my fellow Democrats today in objecting to their blatant attempts at voter suppression. Thankfully, these particular efforts will fail, because try as they might to undermine our Governor, Tony Evers is ready with his certain veto.

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