Madison… Today, Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu (R-Oostburg) released the following statement on April 18, 2022, Tax Day:

“On Tax Day in Wisconsin, it’s important to remember how painful today could have been had Tony Evers gotten the tax hikes he wanted. In his two budgets, Tony Evers proposed massive tax increases to small businesses and working families, include ten government programs and tax hikes tied to the historic rise in inflation. His inflationary gas tax increase alone would have spiked costs for drivers more than 30% and increased automatically year over year.

“Instead, Republicans in the Legislature have enacted 131 separate tax cuts and reforms which have saved taxpayers $22 billion since 2011. That consistent dedication to spending restraint and tax reductions stand in stark opposition to the tax-and-spend fiscal policies pushed by Tony Evers and national Democrats.

“Joe Biden and national Democrats have flooded the market with printed and borrowed money causing an estimated $5,200 hidden tax on family budgets this year. This is after Democrats like Tony Evers shut down small businesses and manufacturing across the country causing shortages. The combination of excess cash and limited goods has damaged the balance between supply and demand with predictable devastation to our economy. The resulting one-two punch to Wisconsinites has caused significant economic distress and serious concerns for our future. Had it not been for Wisconsin Republicans pushing back, our economy would have been shut down longer and taxes would have risen sharply.

“Joe Biden has turned up the flames on consumers and if Tony Evers had gotten his inflationary tax increases, Wisconsin taxpayers would really be feeling the heat. Thankfully, Republicans thwarted Tony Evers’ attempts to create automatic tax increases and saved taxpayers from greater pain on Tax Day. The Legislature will continue to defend against efforts to shrink family budgets and fight to expand economic freedoms for everyone in our state.”

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