MADISON, WI – The Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) met today to approve a $283 million transportation spending plan that will put more money into state highways and local roads. Following approval of the plan, the Co-Chairs of the Committee State Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) and State Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) released this statement:

“The plan approved today builds on the massive investment in roads that we already approved during the 2021-23 budget. Our state has made substantial investments in roads in recent years, including directing nearly $4 billion into roads and bridges in the most recent biennial budget. This additional funding will help accomplish more road projects and improve the conditions of streets throughout our state.

“We consistently hear from Wisconsinites and local officials about the importance of road maintenance and improvements. That’s why the plan we are approving today prioritizes putting more money in local roads and bridges, to make sure that these critical projects are being completed promptly.

“In addition to expediting numerous local projects, the plan is targeted to accelerate 22 state highway projects that were slated for future years. These funds will help our state make faster progress on road maintenance and repairs, and ensure that we’re well-positioned for prospective transportation needs.”

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