Madison, WI – Today, Senator Pfaff joined his legislative colleagues at the Capitol for a special session of the legislature to repeal the 173-year-old Wisconsin state statute that criminalizes abortion and provides no exceptions for abortion in the cases of rape or incest. Republican legislative leaders adjourned the session in less than a minute without debate or action addressing Wisconsin’s criminal abortion ban. After the special session, Sen. Pfaff released the following statement:


“Every Wisconsinite deserves uninterrupted access to the right to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions. Adjourning this special session without debate disregards the fundamental right of women to make their own healthcare decisions without government interference.”


“I was proud to stand ready with my Democratic colleagues today to repeal Wisconsin’s 170-year-old criminal abortion ban. The decision to get an abortion is deeply personal and should be made by individual Wisconsinites with the right to consult their health care provider, family, and faith.”


“Too many politicians in Madison have failed to recognize the urgency of the moment, choosing instead to ignore the wishes of their constituents. This lack of action will limit the ability of doctors to care for their patients and directly put the lives and health of Wisconsinites at risk.”

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