MADISON – State Senator Roger Roth (R- Appleton) is calling on the state legislature to
convene an extraordinary session to hold a confirmation hearing on Parole Board Commissioner John Tate.

“That Commissioner Tate even entertained the idea, let alone approved the parole of a convicted murderer who stabbed his wife 42 times, in front of one of his children, is an affront to justice and displays an appalling lack of understanding of the purpose of the parole system,” said Senator Roth. “I am calling on my colleagues in the legislature to come into extraordinary session to vote down his confirmation and remove him from his position.”

Since legislative leaders in the assembly and senate have not called for the extraordinary session as they have the power to do, Senator Roth is exercising the power of a special petition afforded to legislators, to call for an extraordinary session. The petition requires majority support from both houses of the legislature, to trigger the legislative action.

Tate was appointed to the position by Governor Evers, but has not yet had a confirmation

“The continued disregard for public safety exhibited by Governor Evers and his administration is apparent,” said Roth. “Through his vetoes of public safety legislation, dangerous campaign promise to cut the prison population in half by releasing violent offenders, refusing to remove negligent public officials, and appointing a reckless parole commissioner it is clear that the legislature must exercise its oversight powers to protect public safety.”

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