MADISON – Senator Roger Roth is renewing his call for Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich to resign over disturbing details emerging from the City of Green Bay’s handling of the counting of absentee ballots from today’s Spring Primary election. 

“Already under scrutiny for the city’s handling of the 2020 elections by limiting polling places, turning the keys to the election over to a third party working with Mark Zuckerberg and now violating state law by counting ballots away from the view of the public, this has to be the last straw,” said Senator Roth. 

An election observer showed up at Green Bay City Hall early this morning and discovered staff counting absentee ballots outside the posted time, noticed on the front door of City Hall. 

An unknown number of ballots were counted and despite attempts to clarify the issues with Mayor Genrich and his staff, neither Genrich, nor Clerk Jeffries responded to inquiries from local reporters.  

“Mayor Genrich and his City Clerk Celestine Jeffries should immediately resign for this unacceptable breach of public trust, yet again.”

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