Madison, WI – Today, Senator Alberta Darling (R- River Hills) announced her retirement from the State Senate effective December 1st. Senator Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) issued the following statement:

“Alberta leaves Wisconsin a much better place after her decades of dedicated public service. Her remarkable, record-holding, tenure of six terms as Co-Chair of the Joint Finance Committee means there are countless areas of our State where one can find her fingerprints. This is especially the case in our strong fiscal position and in school choice.”

“Alberta was a leader in five consecutive budgets to provide tax relief to average Wisconsinites and put our fiscal house in order. Both the massive tax cuts we passed last year and our incredible projected surplus would not have been possible without her hard work making tough decisions over those previous five budgets.”

“I have always admired Alberta’s tireless efforts to champion school choice and education reform. Alberta started at the ground level to build up school choice in Wisconsin. Last year more than 400 private schools educated more than 40,000 students through our various choice programs. While many people contributed to these momentous reforms, Alberta was always a key leader and advocate.”

“Finally, as a lifelong resident and recent elected official of an adjacent district in Ozaukee County, I can attest to Alberta’s influence in the communities she represented. She conducted herself with professionalism, grace and a public servant’s heart. Whether as passionate allies or as passionate opponents on any issue, Alberta was nice to all and treated others with respect. I wish Alberta all the best in retirement.”

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